Saturday, October 23, 2010


Paris, Paris

I will start sharing my travel experience here. Let us start my favorite city----Paris. Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. Every corner is a beauty. But beauty has a price, Paris is the most expensive city in the world. Traveling in Paris could be the best or the worst experience in your life.
Please Make sure what you are planning to do BEFORE you go there, cause there are millions things you can do Paris, and you can't do them all.
Play: There are museum, famous sites you can see in the day, and plenty bars and clubs you can go in the night. Please remember, don;t be drunk on the street, it is illegal and you could be arrested.
Eat: You can go cheap or fancy in Paris. You can finish your meal with 8 dollars, and can go up to 300 dollars per meal. Try to order anything you don't know. ALWAYS order wine with meal, and that will bring the food a whole new taste.
Live: Living could be expensive in Paris. Please don not leave the city too far to save money, it is dangerous and unnecessary. Spend 200 dollar in some average could make the trip much more enjoyable. If you wanna go fancy, Ritz and is always the best choice.
Transport: Public transportation is super convenient in Paris. Take the metro or bus when you wanna go somewhere far, and walk if you can manage it. Don;t waste all the beautiful street view. Taxis are way too expensive, and most taxi drivers are arrogant and unhelpful.
Shopping: You can find everything you need. Go somewhere unique and fun, and find your style. One thing to be noticed. Bring drink into a store is considered extremely rude in France. Don't do that.
Thing you must do in Paris: Buy something completely unnecessary and fashionable, eat in some places that is absolutely French but not right on the street, eat the ice-cream that sells on the street.
Don't do in Paris: Don't shout/yell on the street. Be aware that there are plenty fake Gucci bag out there.

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